“2 Fat 2 Fly” debuts on the Oprah Winfrey Network

The Oprah Winfrey Network is serving up a new food show. The latest addition to OWN, “2 Fat 2 Fly” centers around two friends who run a Southern food truck. The call themselves the “Thomas Edison of chicken stuffed wings.” Corey and Ramone are best friends and business partners of the small-town food truck business, “2 Fat 2 Fly,” a Columbia, South Carolina food truck with an interesting specialty — chicken wings stuffed with crazy ingredients like jambalaya and mac & cheese. The duo who felt they were going to be millionaires overnight with their new chicken concept have been at it for three years but are determined to make their dream come true with a chain of eateries. The series shows them struggling with turning that demand into a profitable business instead of just another meals on wheels culinary trend.

The network has had previous ratings success with “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s,” a series which follows a soul food entrepreneur and her lovable family running their chain of soul food restaurants and are hoping to achieve the same ratings success with “2 Fat 2 Fly.” Produced by Paperny Entertainment, the executive producers are David Paperny, Cal Shumiatcher, Audrey Mehler, Lynne Kirby and Russ Heldt. “2 Fat 2 Fly” begins on Saturday, February 28th at 10/9c on OWN.

Samantha Ofole-Prince is an entertainment industry specialist and contributes to Trendy Africa Magazine from Los Angeles.

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