3-Stars for the 3 day Ladies Roundtable 2014

Since the 1848 USA Women Rights Movement, Women have been in constant struggle to stay relevant and march their oppositions, which is the male counterpart toe to toe when it comes to societal matters and affairs. In recent years, women all over the world have been involved in various organizations that aid and enhance their cause; empowerment and independence. One of such organizations is The Ladies Roundtable.


The ladies roundtable as an organization aims at empowering, educating, inspiring, enhancing today’s modern woman to be autonomous and strong. This organization encourages women to start their own business, live healthier, be involved in positive relationships, and strive to be the best in whatever they do.

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Since this organization was founded by Miss Jennifer Onwumere and co-founder Mario Eze three years ago, this organization has helped women around the Dallas Fort Worth metropolis and beyond regain their grounds and reach their goals, be it in the business world, dating, or living a healthy life.



The three day event; August 15 – 19, 2014, was held at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Dallas in Irving. There were lots of fun, educative, and entertaining programs lined up for women and various guests that were present. There were different vendors ranging from food, fashion, health, fitness, and lots more. Furthermore, guests were treated to innumerable activities such as, music, poetry, and panels aimed at teaching women what they need to know to further better themselves and their surroundings.



One of these panels was titled empowerment eight also called the power 8, which was aimed at teaching women to be empowered. On the panel were great women such as Racheal Davis, Miss New York Plus America, who spoke about fashion and lifestyle, Veronica Torres- Hazley, E-director of business development Dallas convention and visitors Bureau, who spoke about the dos and don’ts of a successful business woman. Tiffiny Luong, a celebrity and makeup artist at Motives Cosmetics was also on the panel talking to women what to do to stay young, beautiful, and vibrant. In her words, she said, “in order to be successful, as a lady, we have to believe, set an everyday goal, and be part of our products.” Another distinguish woman on the panel was, KC Fox, an on air broadcast Operations Manager for CW 33, and she emphasized more on business. Alexander Reid from the biggest loser, and Candice Stinnett a three times cancer survivor contributed immensely towards empowering and motivating women in attendance.








The event was truly a success and everyone present had fun and much to say about what they learnt. Elizabeth Turner, an attendee, had this to say about the event and what she learnt, “it’s a phenomenal event; something that Dallas needs more often. The event taught me to always stay open and provided me connection tips and tools on how to move myself forward in business and think of myself as a brand.”


Marcus, another guest at the event, who was one of the few men present, had this to say about the event, “it is cost efficient and it is not an excuse not to be present, I am a man of knowledge and if you were thinking about the cost, you should always plan ahead. You should volunteer, if you cannot afford it. Also, you can meet other people here with great mind set and enthusiasm to inspire you. Finally, I definitely encourage more people and women to step out en-mass for events like this one.”








All in All, this year’s ladies round table event was trilling, inspiring, educating, and above all empowering. Women of all backgrounds and race left the event fulfilled and determined to break grounds, and become successful and independent lady.

by Tega Okparavero and Sharon Oyedeji in DallasTrendy Africa is an award winning media that exhibits a niche at qualitative presentation and professional reporting. Contact: 903 309 1172, info@trendyafrica.com

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