5 Tips to Improve your Driving

Most online driving tips recommend practice, even including enrolling in a professional driving school. But if you had time for that you wouldn’t need to cut it front of me as a result of not seeing the enormous blinking orange arrow that you have been driving towards for the past 10 minutes, so we’ve restricted our tips to things people can do starting now.

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1. State your intentions. You should use your turn signal (indicator, trafficator) when driving out of your driveway – because otherwise you’re not doing it all the time and you need to do it all-the-time.

2. Look up. You should be looking as far down the road as possible, especially on the freeway. Don’t worry, your peripheral vision will be there in case the guy in front of you hits his brakes, or if someone in the next lane starts to drift into yours, not realizing it’s already occupied by you.

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3. Keep your distance. It’s best to give everyone else on the road as wide a berth as possible. That way if anyone does something asinine, like changing lanes without signaling or driving slow in the passing lane, they can be easily gotten around.

4. Be prepared for the worst. Being aware of your surroundings is only half the battle; you need to assume that everyone on the road with you could, at any time, do something asinine and life-threatening. That car in the lane to your right? Assume it’s going to change into your lane with no signal and put on the brakes.

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5. Shut up and drive. Despite the fact that it’s legal just about everywhere, being on the phone via your car’s Bluetooth is exactly as distracting as holding your phone in your hand, so if you want to do a better job of keeping your car on the road, we suggest you keep your mouth shut as much as you can.

Source: BBC

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