9ice does it Nicely in Houston

When African Music Superstar, Mr. Akande a.k.a 9ice arrived Houston some weeks back, little did we know that he was about to bring the house down. His performance would remain memorable in the minds of those who were in attendance.
He held the crowd to ransom as he dropped the songs in quick succession. Guests had the best of him as they rocked the stage.
Find below excerpts from an interview by Nigerian entertainment news.
NE: Rumour has it you are Naijas very own Hook Man, the man with the midas touch whose hooks produce hits. Introduce yourself, who is this hook man?
9ice: My name is 9ice. 9ice my stage name, adopted by friends and fans but Abolore Akande is the name that was given to be at birth. I am an artiste, a poet and a custodian of tradition and the Nigerian culture

NE: Explain the reason behind the name, was it because you were nice?
9ice: Nice, spelt 9ice was given to me back in school because of the relationship I established with my friends and colleagues and how reliable I can be when it comes to being my brothers keeper. The 9 in front of it was added because I try not to go 9 days without working on a new song.
NE: So are you telling me you have an idea for new song every 9 days?
9ice: Yes!…Every 9 days I usually have an old song completed, began composition of a new song, or at least have an idea for a song.
NE: (laughing) so you want to tell me you have 40 songs every year?
9ice: yes, Although some may be incomplete. I am sure I have more than 40 every year and I am not bragging.
NE: Wow!.. so I guess we will definitely be hearing more of 9ice. So 9ice, tell us about your musical background. How did you get started?
9ice: I discovered the art of writing, composing, and singing my own songs at the age of 14. I did my first demo in 96′ titled Risi De alagbaja. Later on I joined a group called Mysterious Boys, we did a couple of tracks, I then went on and founded the Defunct group name Abinibi. I started my solo career in year 2000 and since then it has been wonderful.
NE: We all know how hard it can be to break into the industry, So tell us what was 2000 like for you as a year?
9ice: 2000 was a year of great challenges because I had to make the choice between staying in the background or coming out to the forefront. I used my JAMB money to record my first single, starting out with little money was difficult, I would do things like go to the radio station with a CD without a sleeve, writing the name of my song on the CD with a marker, but I was determined to achieve my dream.
NE: Well it obviously payed off and we are glad you did.
9ice: Thank you.
NE: 9ice as an artist is very unique, what would you say is the thing that makes you stand out?
9ice: Years of research and understanding of the music Industry most especially the Nigerian music industry. 9ice as an artiste is now known to so many people but 9ice has always been there, learning the process, especially the etiquette of the profession. Music is not what you can just dabble into, it takes a lot of creativity to attract attention and break into the world of entertainment.
NE: What would you call your style of music??
9ice: Afro-Hiphop
NE: We noticed that you are excellent at singing in Yoruba. Would you say that is your strong point?
9ice: Yes. It is part of my strong points, what makes me unique. For me language should not be a barrier in music. Whether you sing in English, Spanish, or Yoruba, what is very important is delivery and the creativity behind the act.

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