Alhaji Rasheed Giwa of Eko Club International Celebrates 50th

DALLAS – Looking through the event brochure, one would have thought that there was some kind of typographic error with the age stated thereof. Judging from the photos graphically placed in the brochure, there is no visual evidence to show that Alhaji Giwa just turned 50. I guess looks are really deceptive.

The Irving Convention Plaza was a beehive of activities on a day that the heavens opened up its skies in the Dallas metroplex. Eko Club members, friends and family had arrived from different destinations to witness and be part of the historic grand birthday celebration.

Attorney O.J Lawal described the celebrant as a kind hearted gentleman who would go any length to help his fellow man. Alhaji Giwa was joined by his delectable wife and two lovely daughters in the celebrations just as friends of Mrs. Giwa added spice to the event in their rich “aso ebi” all designed to fit “perfectly”.

For a Dallas event, this one actually stood the test of time as it went on to sunrise. Guests literally had so much to nibble on and “wash down”. My Verdict? Well organized and straight to the point.


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