Apple Sued over Facetime Crash

THE bereaved parents of a five-year-old girl are suing Apple over allegations the tech giant’s Facetime app is to blame for the crash. James and Bethany Modisette’s daughter Moriah was killed when Garrett Wilhelm, 22, smashed into the back of their car on Christmas Eve 2014.

He was using the app Facetime whilst speeding along the road at 65 miles per hour and is now facing manslaughter charges. But the Modisette family are also suing Apple for an undisclosed sum over allegations that it should have installed a system on all iPhones to stop people from using the devices whilst at the wheel of a car.

In legal documents filed in California, the couple alleged that Apple was liable for the crash because it patented a system to prevent “distracted driving” but failed to install it on iPhones

Apple’s patented technology effectively stops motorists from texting or using Facetime whilst they are driving by using GPS tracking to work out if they are travelling above a certain speed.

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