Arik Air launches in-flight magazine

Arik Air, Nigeria’s leading commercial airline, has launched its first in-flight magazine – a glossy quarterly magazine featuring an exciting mix of features and interviews, showcasing the very best of Nigeria as well as the latest Arik Air news.

The first issue of Wings, available to all passengers on Arik Air, contains wide-ranging articles spanning the worlds of fashion, culture, business and entertainment, with its lead feature offering a colourful look into Nigeria’s best festivals, a fascinating article interspersed with stunning photography.

Wings magazine does not just focus on what Nigeria has to offer but also highlights some of the most interesting aspects of Arik Air’s international designations, with features in the up-and-coming second issue including a World Cup special feature, interviews with influential African designers and stylists in New York and London and a New Yorker’s guide to New York City.

The Arik Zone, a regular informative section at the back of the magazine, follows the story of Arik Air’s foundation and its impressive achievements to-date, as well as providing invaluable in-flight tips and service information.

Commenting on the launch of Wings, published by Voyager Media on behalf of Arik Air, Emma Woodhouse, Editor-in-Chief, said: “Unlike traditional magazines that compete with a plethora of newsstand and online publications, in-flight magazines have a one hundred percent captive and up market readership. That alone offers an exciting platform. With Wings, The in-flight magazine of Arik Air, comes the added bonus of promoting Nigeria and Arik Air’s international destinations. West Africa is a region bursting at the seams with creativity, economic growth and stories to tell that are rarely seen in international media. Just as Arik Air is raising the bar in aviation, Wings sets a new standard for quality journalism and jaw-dropping photography in in-flight media”. 





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