“Between Kings and Queens” set to premiere in Africa

Between Kings and Queens is the story of a prince from Africa, who seeks to escape his royal duties by fleeing to America. Torn between new love and free will, his immigrant experience in the land of liberty quickly unravels as he finds himself running for his life.


Production began in early summer of 2009. The SAG Signatory production was made for less than half a million dollars. Thanks to the film friendly incentive in Texas, the production value of the film will not be compromised by the tight budget. The film was shot using the RED CAMERA at 4k, giving us the same breathtaking depth of field and selective focus found in film cameras, but with a more cost effective work flow than 35mm. “Kings and Queens” was shot on location in Austin, Texas.

The movie is guaranteed to appeal to the masses. A love story set against the real backdrop of the War on Drugs and controversial immigration policies, this film is set in our contemporary times. Men and women in the prized 18-49 year old demographic will be able to relate to the characters’ struggles. They will find themselves wrapped up in the drama of the storytelling.


Kings and Queens will be premiering in Nigeria and Ghana come December 2010. Locations for the events include; Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Accra, Ghana.



For more information, visit; http://www.betweenkingsandqueens.com/


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