Cabinet NG and TSC Group extends National Boundaries with New document mgt software

Battle Creek, MI – Cabinet NG (CNG), provider of document management and workflow software, has announced that it has signed an agreement with Michigan-based Company TSC Group, Inc., an efficiency consulting firm with extensive expertise in designing systems and processes that optimize organizations’ operational efficiency. The agreement allows TSC Group to market and resell CNG’s document management software in the US and Africa.

TSC Group, Inc. specializes in Efficiency Consulting services, providing critical business information management technology solutions, including document and content management, archiving and imaging needs to discerning and dynamic organizations. By extending CNG’s software systems to African businesses, TSC Group is helping generate substantial cost savings, improving operational efficiencies and enabling their operating systems to par with emerging global best practices in information management.

“Introducing CNG-SAFE and CNG-ONLINE to Nigeria is fulfilling a dream of contributing to the project of moving Nigerian businesses from the ‘Industrial Age’ to the ‘Information Age,’” said Dozie Ononiwu, President, TSC Group, Inc. “CNG’s products bring the capacity to improve the way critical business documents are handled, generating substantial cost savings through improved operational quality and efficiencies for businesses in both the private and public sectors. We are excited at the prospect of providing solid business information management solutions to help position Nigeria/African businesses on the global business map,” said Ononiwu.

 “We are glad to see TSC Group, Inc. bringing such a powerful document management system into the country,” said Kene Ikedife, Engineer and CEO, All Technology, Ltd. “With the amount of documentation used in businesses today, it will be a welcomed solution and one that will help companies streamline their office operations, protect the environment by minimizing waste and positively impact their bottom line.”

Today’s businesses are faced with challenging economic conditions, stiffer competition, spiraling operations costs and increasing demand for quality by their customers. More than ever there is a need to balance customer satisfaction, maximize ROI and optimize a business’s available capacity and resources – all critical components for business survival. CNG-SAFE consolidates information into one organized and easy-to-use system, allowing instant document filing and retrieval. Its unique features enable organizations to optimize document security, enforce retention policies, and apply workflow to help businesses automate processes and dramatically improve efficiency.

“By offering a solid platform with its ability to easily integrate with other applications, TSG Group, Inc. is helping their customers achieve the critical balance of being able to generate cost savings and increase operational efficiency with CNG-SAFE,” said Jon Clark, VP Sales, CNG. We are excited to see what this new relationship brings for our international reach.”

About Cabinet NG:

Cabinet NG’s (CNG) document management software moves manual paper-based processes into efficient electronic workflows. As a result, businesses can increase productivity, reduce paper, save money and meet compliance requirements. CNG’s intuitive, secure and affordable filing approach provides a way to achieve a paperless office that scales with business growth. Patent pending integration technology ensures smooth workflow and seamless connection to many existing Windows-based business applications. CNG software supports interdepartmental collaboration, allowing users across the company to accomplish tasks more efficiently with centrally managed and instantly accessible documents. CNG also provides industry specific configurations to help industry verticals more quickly attain a paperless environment.

Caption:  Jon Clark, VP Sales, Cabinet NG (L) and Dozie Ononiwu, President TSC Group, Inc. (R)


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