Coscharis Motors Announces 5 year Warranty on Jaguar Land Rover Brands

Jaguar Land Rover in partnership with Coscharis Motors announces the launch of 5 year warranty or 150,000km, whichever occurs sooner product to all Jaguar Landrover customers for any purchases from 1st July 2015. The objective is to provide our valued customers with additional peace of mind motoring up to 5 years.

According to the Group Managing Director, Josiah Samuel, “we are continuing with our commitment to ensuring that our customers enjoy fantastic opportunity for our Jaguar Landrover brands through ease on ownership”.

The 5 year/150,000km new vehicle warranty is an extension of the previous 3 year/100,000km warranty and avail customers a marginal reduction in the cost of their vehicle maintenance for the period. By implication retail and fleet owners can decide to retain their vehicles for longer periods while Coscharis will take responsibility for the maintenance.

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The 5 year warranty is transferable to the new owner should the car be sold before it expires, given added resale value. The owners of 3 years or less aged Jaguar Landrover vehicles can also subscribe to 2 more years warranty.

In order to keep their Extended Warranty valid, customers must keep their vehicle maintained in line with the manufacturers servicing schedule. If the Service History is not complete, the Extended Warranty coverage may be reinstated through the completion of the necessary Technical Inspection, which may involve certain fees.

As stated by William Letsoalo, Customer Services Manager JLRSSA:

If 1 Service is missed the coverage level drops to only cover Non-Service Related claims, but can be reinstated to full coverage.

– If 2 Consecutive Services are missed the Warranty is invalidated, but can be reinstated to full coverage.

– If More than 2 Consecutive Services are missed the Warranty is invalidated and cannot be reinstated.

Similarly, warranty provision has been made for the Approved Used vehicles. The Approved Used Warranty will ensure all Approved Used vehicles are sold with 24 months /50,000km warranty coverage. This warranty covers used vehicles within 3 years or 100,000km mileage.

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