Dancing with the Stars: the Michael Adegoke Story

Las Vegas – Hanging out on the 50th floor balcony at the RIO casino in Las Vegas is a view to a kill. As I viewed the remarkable skyline, a quick question followed a gentle tap on my shoulders; “excuse me sir, are you a brother to Michael Adegoke; the guy on “dancing with the stars”? A smile followed and a subtle “No”.

Who is Michael? I wondered. An inquiry phone call to Pascal Atuma; movie producer, actor and director and a whole world of impressive revelation followed. A personal phone call to Michael revealed a humble achiever who by all standards can be referred to as an ICON based on his antecedence and achievements.


Michael Oluwamuyiwa Adedayo Adegoke is the first African to be a Three Times United States Professional Ballroom Showdance Champion, and World Finalist (Fifth place in the world).


In order to truly understand and appreciate Michael’s talents and achievements, one would have to trace it back to his roots in Africa. Born in Lagos West Africa; Michael moved to the United States in 1983 with his family.   After his debut in 1991 with the artist known as Prince, Michael rose to stardom performing in over 65 shows around the U.S. with legends such as Pazzaz, Kat Bornoff, Yana and J-Caesar. 


In 2001 Michael met Lisa Zamarripa and began training in Latin and ballroom with Robert and Jennifer Foster (former World Professional Showdance Champion and Three Times Undefeated U.S. Professional Cabaret champions).  One year later Michael founded the Twin Cities Salsa Dance Fiesta with over 2000 salsa and ballroom students making it one of the largest in the Midwest.


Between 2003 and 2006, Mike and Lisa won 3 US ballroom showdance championships including the Las Vegas Holiday Dance Classic Division.  In 2005, they took their position as Finalist in the United States Ohio Star Ballroom & Showdance Division.  That same year, Michael and Lisa competed again and took 5th place in the World Showdance category for the United States.   In 2009 Michael was chosen as a judge and performer on “Celebrity Takes 2” in Lagos Nigeria (similar to dancing with the stars in the United States).  In 2010 Michael returned to the United States and won the 2010 Las Vegas Ballroom Showdance Division with his new partner Tessa Ortiz. 


Michael has been working in entertainment industry for over 17 years. Today he’s best known for his great choreography styles of incorporating traditional Africando movements and lifts into salsa and ballroom which, is creating a compelling and unique style people love to watch and learn.  


Today, Michael is in high demand captivating and inspiring fans with his amazing dance moves while occasionally performing at events and concert with mega stars like Kool and the Gang, Akon, Esera, Lani Misaclucha etc..  Michael is currently teaching salsa-n-ballroom, merengue, cumbia, cha-cha and rumba at the Millennium Dance Complex in Hollywood (dance home to many celebrities and Hollywood legends). 




2010 U.S. Las Vegas Showdown Dance Challenge – Champion

2005 USDC & World Professional Cabaret Ballroom Cabaret  Finalist 

2006 U.S. Twin Cities Open Professional Showdance Champion – Mn

2005 U.S. Professional Ballroom Showdance Champion  – Las Vegas 

2005 U.S. Ohio Star Ballroom Professional Showdance Finalist

2004 U.S. Twin Cities Open Professional Showdance Champion – MN

2002 U.S. Twin Cities Open Professional Showdance Finalist – MN




2009 – Live – Super Star Lani Misalucha – Las Vegas

2009 – Live – Esera Tualo (Minnesota)

2008 – Live – Showdance – R&B Star Akon On Tour – Minneapolis

1991 – Live – Showdance Performance with the Aritst – Prince  

2009 – Live – Tessa Ortiz -(South Point Las Vegas)

2007 – Live – ABC Dance War Finalist- Reality TV Show Audition with

(Dancing with the stars Hosts Carrie Ann Inaba & Bruno Tonioli)


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