DFW International Community Alliance hosts 2009 African Film Festival

DALLAS – DFW International, a multi diverse group that celebrates the global vibrancy of North Texas recently hosted the African Film festival; the second event in its annual African Unity Festival activities.

The African film festival featured films such as; God Grew Tired of Us(Sudan), War Dance(Uganda), Angels in the Dust(South Africa) and Endurance(Ethiopia).

The unique feature about the festival was the availability of verbal interaction amongst viewers and a Panel set up to review each movie. The movies were shown free at SMU’s Meadow School of the Arts. Each of the halls had a capacity audience.

President and founder of DFW International, Anne Marie Weiss-Armush expressed that the group was set up to build understanding and respect amongst diverse international and cultural communities. From all indications, the film festival was a huge success.

The African Unity festival continues with other activities such as “a taste of Africa” which brings together various unique African cusine under one roof.

for more information, visit www.dfwinternational.org

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