Diaspora Rhapsody premieres with Bunmi Sanya

In my early days of journalism which commenced at Crown Prince in 1992, I have naturally been exposed to hundreds of newsworthy individuals whom make for great content. Through my stint with Fame, Encomium and Ovation, I garnered great experience to eventually formulate my unique concept; Trendy Africa Magazine. With its USA base, I have also naturally had interactions with thousands of people in Diaspora.

A great number of them have compelling stories which in our opinion need to be heard. In view of this, I have conceptualized a talk show named; “Diaspora Rhapsody”. We will periodically conduct interviews via sit-downs, web, video or audio with the sole objective of documenting fascinating experiences.  We hope that our concept will serve to better understand the trend of ‘Human Capital Flight’ and inspire the next generation of diaspora’s and youths world -wide. This is an advocacy for change.

Our premiere guest is Chicago based Bunmi Sanya whom may best be remembered for her great sonorous voice and dance moves as a backup singer and dancer for Ace Rapper Weird MC, King Sunny Ade, Daniel Wilson, Tu Face, Majek Fashek, Orits Wiliki among others. She also featured prominently as an actress in the Femi Lasode film; ‘Sango’.

Introduce yourself

My name is Bunmi Sanya aka (OYAORIRI) which was my stage name in the epic movie ‘ SANGO’  produced by FEMI LASODE. I am from Lagos state in Nigeria.

What was your pre-occupation before your travel?

I was a singer, actress and model. I however do still sing regularly.

When did you leave your motherland and describe your initial experience

I left Nigeria in 1998. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the anticipation of the unknown and being young then was rather thrilling.

What do you miss about your motherland?

I miss my mother’s cooking, family and my wonderful friends in show business.

What don’t you miss that you enjoy in the USA

This is a system that works. We enjoy constant electricity, great health care: you must always be attended too even if you can’t pay at that moment of treatment, great transportation.


What’s your current pre-occupation?

I am currently a self-employed business woman and very much still into modeling, singing and acting.

What have you learnt?

I have learnt to be upright in all my dealings and to be a better person for my own good, to the next human being and for the public at large.

Would you want to return to your motherland now?

Not now. I haven’t finished learning but I do come home once in a while.

What will make you return immediately?

When my Mother beckons and when professional duty calls.


What message do you have for those who intend to migrate to the USA?

Prepare to work hard to achieve your goal.

LAST LINE: Diaspora Rhapsody will be featured regularly on our website, social media space and periodically in Trendy Magazine. Do you know someone in Diaspora with a compelling story or do you have a personal story to share? Reach us on; tosan@trendyafrica.com or call; +1 903 309 1172, +234 805 805 6869

Tosan Aduayi is the founder of Trendy Africa Magazine and has been an active journalist since 1994. Photo Credit: Kayode Ojo (Scorpiojo)

Makeup & Gele: Ayotunde Ogunnubi-Ajayi


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