Dr. and Dr.(Mrs)Wole Peters Reaffirm Vows

HOUSTON – Love was redefined at the upscale reaffirmation of wedding vows between Oluwole and Adebukola Peters. The RCCG living word chapel in Richmond Houston was the center of activity as family, friends and admirers of the beautiful couple gathered to witness.

The Dallas based couple who had apperently spent several years in houston had ensured that their home church was ably represented by Pastor O.J Kuye who officiated the reaffirmation while host Pastor Arogbonlo gave the exhortation.

The celebration later moved to the grand reception at the phoenix hall for an all night fun filled party which was characterised by a classical array of culture beauty and joy.

Photos by Tosan Aduayi for Trendy Africa. Trendy Africa is a Multi Media Production Company based in Texas and are Publishers of Trendy Africa Magazine, Trendy Africa Fashion Xtra and www.trendyafrica.com


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