Embassy of Nigeria, DC Celebrates 50th Independence Day

Washington, DC – The 50th Independence day celebrations organized by the Embassy of Nigeria in DC really extolled the hospitality virtues of Nigerians just as hundreds of guests joined in the festivities. The diplomatic cocktail at the Embassy chancery building heralded the October 1st events and was characterized by the decoration of the newly promoted Nigerian Military officers attached the embassy.

The Nigerian ambassador to the United States, His Excellency Prof. Adebowale Adefuye in his address congratulated Nigerians in America for their positively effective presence in the country. He mentioned in particular that the first non-American to be a board member of NASA is a Nigerian as well as a Nigerian also being a Managing Director at the world bank.


An elaborate reception at the bolger center in Potomac, Maryland experienced a large turnout of Nigerians and friends of Nigeria who all enjoyed raw Nigerian talents including cultural dancers, comedians and singers. The menu was also 100% Nigerian and it included Jollof Rice and pepper soup.

Photos by Dami Odetola, Executive Editor, Trendy Africa Washington DC.

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