Extra 3.6 billion Euros for FIFA U 17

NIGERIA – The Federal Government has released an additional 3.6 billion Euros to the initial release of 9.5 billion Euros to the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of the Nigeria 2009 FIFA U17 World Cup to ensure a successful hosting of the championship, which kicks off in Abuja on October 24.

Minister of Sports/Chairman of the National Sports Commission (NSC), Sanni Ndanusa, while briefing the African Ministers of Sports on Nigeria’s preparedness for the championship at the third AU Ministers of Sports Conference yesterday in Abuja, noted that the extra budgetary allocation to the LOC was earmarked to take care of the health and safety of the participants during the championship.

The minister revealed that all the eight venues were ready for the championship, adding that accommodation facilities had been completed both for the LOC and the visiting FIFA officials, while adequate security measures had been put in place by the LOC according to FIFA standards.

Ndanusa noted that with the facilities on ground, as well as the special importance which the government attached to the cadet championship, Nigeria would be leaving a legacy from hosting the event, adding that the extra allocations would improve the country’s bid to host a successful championship.

“We have tried in a special way to prove our commitment to the hosting of the world in the youth championship. The Federal Government has shown its commitments towards ensuring that the country puts up a very landmark hosting of the championship through the additional allocation of fund to the LOC to ensure an error free hosting,” he said.

QUICK QUESTION (QQ) – how will they spend 3.6 billion euros in one week?

Why release funds at this last hour for an international event?

The airports……….no comments

Other Nations are ready for such event months before…Brazil, SA and Argentina 

Did they say the venues are ready??? really? Are the roads to tourism locations fixed? Is this just about the games? What about the projected potentials? Men, who mentioned re -branding? We are like 1 million miles from there….

I beg to apply to be a cheer leader…maybe some of the last second coins will help take care of my community o!

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