Fashion Adventure 2: Studio D’Maxsi Paris Experience

The final approach to the world acclaimed Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris is surely an amazing experience especially at night with all the city lights that twinkle in a distance like a thousand stars. For Afua Sam; U.S.A based and Ghanaian born fashion designer, relieving an experience of camera-lights-action is all that she has on her mind as she twitches in excitement on her window seat during the spectacular decent into the fashion capital of the world; Paris.
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Model: Dayana Reeves. DESIGNER: STUDIO D’MAXSI. Make up: Janet Doman. Hair: Olivier Sokourow. Accessories: Bisous Magiques (Odette). Photo: Flavia Raddavero
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Models: Alexanne and Sheila Shanel. Make up: Janet Doman. Hair: Olivier Sokourow. Accessories: Bisous Magiques (Odette). Photo: Flavia Raddavero
“From Paris with love”, an article published in numerous blogs and which depicted the first series of Afua Sam’s Fashion Adventure featured fashion photographer Flavia and Bisous Magiques (Odette), the jewelry and accessory consultant who happened to be the only repeat members of this all new team. Meeting up with a dynamic team was one of the motivational thoughts behind her high street and contemporary new designs. She was not about to repeat fine cuts but was just so ready to thrill her crew to an all new ‘Made in France’ experience.
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Model: Sydney. Make up: Ayumi. Hair: Angelina P. Accessories: Bisous Magiques. Photo: Flavia Raddavero. Designer: STUDIO D’MAXSI
As Afua Sam of Studio D’Maxsi meandered through the maze of commuters at Gare du Nord; the busiest rail station in Europe, she tapped into contraptions and noted some design touches in a creative manner. She later explains to me; “most of my inspiration comes from what I see in the big cities especially here in Paris where thousands of creative items from ancient sculptures to buildings are visible to the mind.”
She goes on to say; “You can only imaging the thrill as a designer finding yourself in a Country that has produced over 50 top high fashion designers  including; Christian Lacroix, Jean Paul Gaultier, Sonia Rykiel, Christophe Lemaire,  Louise Boulanger, Pierre Cardin, Loris Azzaro, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior and many other’s”.
The 2013 photo shoot availed Afua Sam with a whole new ‘design’ experience as she worked with some of the most talented young models in the industry including; Sheila Shanel, Dayana Reeves, Alexanne, Sidney and a host of others in the professional team who eventually created an articulate outlook for the designs from the stable of STUDIO D’MAXSI.
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Model: Sidney. Mua: Ayumi. Hair: Angelina P. Accessories: Bisous Magiques. Photo: Flavia Raddavero. Designer: STUDIO D’MAXSI
This new experience was deeply shared by the crew with some of them expressing their thoughts on set. Model Sheila Shanel expressed; “I loved the collection, I had a great moment, lots of fun and good humor” while Model Alexanne stated; “it was a fantastic shoot! Afua is really a professional stylist with all that she created in less than one hour…all the amazing red flowery bustier just like st. Laurent!”
Dynamic and artistic model Sydney had this to say about her experience. “Je suis désolée, j’ai eu un pb de boîte mail et viens de voir ton message concernant le petit mot à rédiger sur le déroulement de la séance avec Afua. I am very happy to have shot with Afua. She’s a very kind and nice person and the shooting was very fun to do with her. Everybody was in a good mood and the atmosphere was so cool and constructive. Also, all the pieces were shot very quickly. To do again with pleasure! Voilà, j’espère que ça ira. As-tu des news des parutions, ça en est où? Et toi, ça va bien? Je t’embrasse”.
Make-up artist Ayumi and hair stylist Angelina spent time fusing concepts and colors to work with the designs and creating sparkles around the models. Angelina had this to say about the session; “Coucou dsl du retard de la reponse mais cest pas facile XD jje dirais: “j’ai passe une exellente journee, une bonne ambiance et brin de folie cest tout ce qui faut pour etre creatif!” (Voila jespere que cest pas trop nul comme citation mais jai pas l’habitude) mais bon en anglais sa sonne toujours mieux; bisous – I had an excellent day, great ambiance and a bit of craziness, everything we need to be creative!!
Janet; another make-up artist in the team stated; Voici le mot pour Afua : I was glad to be part of this awesome international professional team for this amazing photo shoot. Good energy, good ambiance with such a talented & lovely stylist Afua. Thank you, I wish the best to all of them”.
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Model: Sydney. Make up: Ayumi. Hair: Angelina P. Accessories: Bisous Magiques. Photo: Flavia Raddavero. Designer: STUDIO D’MAXSI
Having experienced some of this high fashion photo shoots, I can relate to Angelina with regards to all the ‘craziness’.  An integral component of the team is the photographer who also artistically creates images that depict the outcome of the hours and the efforts put into creating spectacular images. The photographer ensures that the images are marketable internationally.
It was not so challenging for Fashion Photographer Flavia who had worked with designer Afua Sam on a previous photo shoot. She however had this to say; “Ok I had the chance to work once again with Afua Sam. Not only a great experience, beautiful clothing and good humor but we had the beautiful opportunity to work with beautiful models, and stuff. The experience will stay in my mind for a long time. Loved it!”
In what she calls “Fashion Adventure 2, Afua Sam who embarked on this expensive pilgrimage to France just to capture the essence of her creation on an international platform believes that there is no alternative to quality presentation especially when you have an idea of your audience. Over the years, Afua Sam of Studio D’Maxsi has painstakingly put her creations to test on International Runways, Charity events and acclaimed fashion shows.
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Models: Dayana Reeves, Alexanne, Sheila Shanel
Her designs recently caught the attention of high profile Government administrators in the U.S.A. which led to them reaching out to her fashion house and subsequently being adorned at the historic second term inauguration of President Barack Obama. Studio D’Maxsi was recently nominated twice for Fashion Awards MD in the category of high FASHION. She was honored at the recently held 3rd Annual Mothers Appreciation event-TAMMAE in Dallas where her works captivated the audience.
In conclusion, Afua Sam shared her thoughts with me; “As a designer, it has always been my dream to work with different artists or anyone who is involved with fashion one way or the other. I have been blessed to work with so many people, but starting Fashion Adventure has taking me to different countries around the world, and has met so many people including “Team International”.
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Model: Sydney. Make up: Ayumi. Hair: Angelina P. Accessories: Bisous Magiques. Photo: Flavia Raddavero. Designer: STUDIO D’MAXSI
“Words cannot express how talented this group of people are. There is nothing like working with a team that has a common goal – “GIVING BACK”. They have all done well with their talent and been part of their community by way of giving back.  My appreciation goes to the entire team especially, Flavia Redavero who has been a part of it since day one.
Fashion Adventure has become a success story. OUR VERY FIRST MODEL, Alysson, has been excelling in her area of work before we met and she is doing bigger things now. She is in HON KONG AT THE MOMENT. I feel very proud and very happy for her.”
I cannot begin to tell you about TEAM 2013. They all live in Paris but are originally from different part of the world including; Switzerland, London, Senegal, Ethiopia, Ghana, Asia, Argentina and so on.
Our goal is to organize an exhibition with the work we have been doing to raise money to SUPPORT CAUSES THAT ARE DEAR TO OUR HEART, like breast cancer, Operation Prom, bullying and domestic violence and to empower young women”.
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Tosan Aduayi is the Publisher and founder of Trendy Africa Magazine and has reported on fashion related events in Paris, Geneva and Milan. He currently produces the Dallas International Fashion Event. He is based in Dallas and can be reached at –

Team “Fashion Adventure 2”
Dayana Reeves
Sheila Shanel
Make up: Janet Doman
Hair: Olivier Sokourow
Accessories: Bisous Magiques (Odette)
Photo: Flavia Raddavero
Make up: Ayumi
Hair: Angelina P.

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