FASHION FOR JOS Reveals the Essence of team work in Maryland, USA

MARYLAND – The world gazed at gory sights of the mayhem that engulfed the City of Jos in Nigeria. Graphic reports were posted and read by millions of bewildered observers. Today, thousands of victims remain helpless, homeless and destitute.

Fashion for Jos which held at “the Palace” 1015 Brightseat Rd, Landover, Maryland on May 22nd 2010, is a concept formatted by concerned Nigerians in the Diaspora to support and uplift the spirit of the victims. The event, organized by Estella Ogbonna, CEO of Estella Couture who apparently was born in Jos and still relieves vivid moments from the culturally rich and climatically endowed region of Nigeria.

Fashion for Jos is set to accomplish the following objectives; raise funds for victims especially women and children, create more awareness about the genocide in as a means to invoke an action towards change and garner support from Nigerians in Diaspora and international Humanitarian groups on how such incidents can be avoided.

The event was hosted by Nollywood Actress and ex Miss Nigeria, Regina Askia and Raz Adoti, top Hollywood actor.. Funds raised would be given to Nylah group, Justice Development and Peace/Caritas (JDPC) and the Nigerian Red Cross Society to support victims.

Jos is the capital city of Plateau State, Nigeria. Until about 2001, it was known as the “home of peace and tourism.” The city has witnessed a series of religious violence, escalated over the years leading to division between Christians and Muslims.

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Photos by Dami Odetola, Executive Editor, Trendy Africa

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