Forest Whitaker Plays Archbishop Desmond Tutu in ‘The Forgiven’

Saban Films just announced their upcoming thriller, “The Forgiven,” will hit theaters on March 9 with a theatrical expansion on March 16 to also include VOD and Digital HD. Directed by Academy Award nominee Roland Joffé (“The Killing Fields”), the film stars Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker (“The Last King of Scotland”) as Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Co-written by Joffé and Michael Ashton, it is based on Ashton’s play “The Archbishop and The Antichrist.”

Forest Whitaker Plays Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Also starring Eric Bana, the film follows Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Whitaker) who once he is appointed to head a nationwide investigation is summoned to a maximum-security prison by a notorious murderer seeking clemency. Inside the brutal prison walls, Tutu is drawn into a dangerous, life-changing battle with the cunning criminal. The drama centers on Tutu’s work as president of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in post-apartheid South Africa, and his struggle with brutal murderer Piet Blomfeld (Bana) over concession and redemption.

Forest Whitaker and Eric Bana

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