From Kenya to over 1M hits on YouTube: The Brother Franklin Story

It was no surprise that the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God; Pastor Enoch Adeboye had requested to witness the “magic feet” from East Africa. There was no better platform to actualize these visuals than the stage of the 2010 RCCG convention in Dallas, Texas. The unique and skilled dance renditions of Brother Franklin had cut through cyberspace like a hot knife through butter thus earning him more than 1 million combined views on the World Wide Web. In the following exclusive interview or testimony, Brother Franklin Owino recalls his rise and escape from a death ridden upbringing to a place of glory.

TA: Background
BF: I am from Kenya and grew up in the Eastern part of Nairobi playing soccer in the ghettos, fighting and constantly in and out of trouble as most young men do in the cities. I was born during the break dance era and since it was also a form of street dance, being a street boy, I naturally identified with it and so started my dancing career. I was also a soccer star but soon quit the premier league as dancing came naturally to me. I began dancing professionally in disco clubs all over East and Central Africa.

TA: Family
BF: My parents died while I was still a very young man and my whole world changed. Fortunately, I had acquired a strong educational background which came in handy in my life. My posthumous wife died too while I was only 24 years old and left me with a one day old baby. Almost all my uncles and aunties followed soon after as death became a familiar visitor in my family.

TA: Transition
BF: It was against this background that I got a visa to America against all odds. I came to the United States of America and there was a transformation in my spirit which allowed me to pursue a degree in mathematics successfully. I stopped disco dancing and concentrated on soccer till 2007 when the Holy Spirit overcame me thus leading to my becoming born again. I later joined RCCG Pavilion of Redemption in Houston where I teach mathematics. Unfortunately, I soon became overwhelmed by a debilitating illness.

TA: Challenges
BF: I was diagnosed as incurable and left to die but the Lord Jesus was not done with me yet. God had given me another chance to prove his mercy and shame Satan. I started dancing for joy in the house of the Lord and this has been my motivation ever since because I am not supposed to be alive.

TA: Acceptance
BF: I never did my first dance to impress anybody but God elevated me to a star status although I don’t regard myself as one. The millions of viewers offer no joy to my spirit except if they experience the same closeness to God when they watch me dance.

TA: Dance description
BF: My dance style is a combination of Ndombolo, Soukouss, Helicopter, Break-dance and Pop (Freestyle).

TA: Aspiration
BF: My future plans are to make it to heaven, simple.

TA: Business Future
BF: I have no intention of commercializing except if the Holy Spirit elevates me. I am however open to invitations to minister/dance in churches and special events.

Brother Franklin can be reached at: and you can join his facebook page; “Brother Franklin official”.

by Tosan Aduayi, Chibuzor Okonta and Toyin Obilana for Trendy Africa Media

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