HEMMA Incorporates African Fabrique for Luxury Womenswear Collection

NEW YORK 2010 – On the heels of a life-altering trip to Ghana, West Africa, where they fell in love with African fashion and textiles, Cindy Gaston and Edna Bissoon are pleased to launch HEMMA, a collection of luxury womenswear that incorporates the same, traditional techniques that have been used to weave fabrics for African nobility for centuries.



HEMMA affords each client an opportunity to dress with undeniable contemporary style while indulging in the textures and richness of royalty. The name HEMMA derives from the word “ohemma,” meaning queen in the Twi language of Ghana.


About the Hemma Collection

“Hemma garments are inspired by a melding of Western and West African designs, using a luxe fabric that encourages women to feel confident about their bodies.

 The premiere collection consists of very classic styles that can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe and worn as separates,” explains Cindy Gaston. “Our initial offering includes two-piece suits, day dresses, corsets, and cocktail suiting.

We draw our inspiration from many places, with a particular admiration for labels such as Diane Von Furstenberg and Chanel. Like these amazing collections, Hemma will be known for always making a powerful statement and creating timeless garments.




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