HOT STYLES!!…an Intro to Trendy Africa Fashion Xtra

Florescent bulbs were so fascinating to me back in my adolescent days. For one, the rays from such bulbs or tubes emitted really white bright light. Even more fascinating was the ultra violet version of the fluorescent tubes. While lit, you could virtually spot white objects in total darkness. I remember when it was in vogue to have an ultraviolet light at a disco party.Ultraviolet rays had some kind of x ray effect to enable our then naughty minds view the inner wears of our “heart desires”. Enough Said.


In Trendy Africa Fashion Xtra, you would experience our own version of ultraviolet effects. We would create visuals that would stretch your imagination beyond the tip of your nostrils. We would create images that would make you go; “hey! I know this person, she/he looks so cute”. It will all be about changing the character and visual through the eyes of the tiger.


We will ensure that for each edition produced, our esteemed readers just as you right now would have a visual contraption of the brand name such that it would be trapped in you sub conscious mind for years to come. It’s all about being creative, being original and packaging a product that we would all be proud of. Welcome to the new age of African Fashion as seen through the eyes of one that has photographed more than 50,000 images that “Glow in the Dark”.



It’s been years of archiving-probably since 1994-and the time has come to showcase the hidden talents beauty and treasure of Africa. To all those who took that special pose for my lenses, I say keep on posing. To those who even worked the smiles, I say keep on smiling. And to those who expressed no interest in a pose or a smile, I say there is now another opportunity. Trendy Africa Fashion Xtra is all about fashion, and more fashion. Columns such as Designer labels, Wedding Delight, Night life and headgears would keep you affixed.

To the entire team that has worked on this project, let’s keep the dream alive. It has taken the extreme imaginative and creative minds to put so many beautiful images together to achieve a journal that we intend to sustain for generations to come. We give thanks to our creator, the Almighty God for providing the vision. Thank you Winifred for your creativity, Camela, Gayle, Uche Ogbonna, Yemi, Arawole, Ojo, Temi, Bode, Sobiye, Omehai, Scorpio, Dipo, Victor, Faleti, Adenuga, the Oputa and Aduayi families. The ultra Violet rays will continue to glow in the dark.


Et j’adresse mes salutations à mes frères et sœurs francophones, et les prie d’accepter mes sincères remerciements pour leur constant soutien. Vous pouvez être sûr que nous serons aussi professionnels que possible au fur et à mesure que notre réseau de distribution s’agrandit.Nous essayerons de rendre ce journal disponible dans vos pays d’origine : Sénégal, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, Mali, Bénin aussi bien que la France. Merci une fois encore “.


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