ICAN, DFW USA: the audacity of hope

DALLAS – When it was announced a few months back that Chief Emma Ichu, Omeogaa n’Obosi would chair the ICAN 2009 (Igbo Community Association of Nigeria, DFW) electoral Committee, some people were very leery that he was elected the Committee Chair; not because he was not equal to the task, rather, leery because he is also the ICAN’s Board Chair- the final authoritative arbiter in the event of controversial election.

Little did the leery ones know that this multi tasking guru had few numbers to display during this immediate past election; his dexterous handling of the whole electoral process ultimately earned him the DARLING of ICAN and the most celebrated Electoral Committee Chairman in the history of ICAN. Personally, my respect for this man grew tremendously as a result of the refined precision with which he handled the whole 2009 Electoral process.  Simply put, the ICAN’s 2009 election was IMPECCABLE; thanks to the three man Committee under the able chairmanship of Chief Emma Ichu.

Therefore, Ndi Igbo, friends of Ndi Igbo, please join me while I doff my hat to the Darling of ICAN, Chief Emmanuel Ichu, Omeogaa n’ala Obosi and his Committee members, namely, Chief Bright Anosike and Sir George Opurum for a splendid job. How I wish that the INEC bosses will borrow a leaf or two from the pile of Omeogaa’s electoral leaves.

ICAN has metamorphosed into a much deeper vibrant stage that beats the eyes. What more can one really ask for? For the first time that ICAN can boast of ZERO balance in her account receivables. All 39 Parochial Associations were able to exercise their constitutional democratic rights to elect their leaders free and fair. For the first time in the history of ICAN election that ICAN was able to conduct a general meeting, conduct a general election, conduct a mini fundraising for YICAN and still had enough time to eat and drink while listening to good Igbo music like Igbo brothers and sisters should, all in one night.

For the first time in the history of ICAN election that the food and drinks ran out and more was ordered to the satisfaction of every single soul at the hall. As I sat among the multitude of Ndi Igbo last night, my being was mesmerized by the savory aroma of the lovely accord that hijacked the entire atmosphere of the whole election night. That much craved brotherly love was resonated once again ‘big time’ last night.The level of comportment that was displayed by Ndi Igbo last night is an invigorating assurance that all hopes are not lost; It is already well with Alaigbo! Ndi Igbo ICAN Ekele m unu! jide nu nke unu ji!!

Furthermore, it is with great humility that I congratulate every individual that volunteered to serve Ndi Igbo this time around. Those that got elected and those that fail short of the mandate,You all are winners in my book and ICAN’s book. You do not have to be an elected official to serve; you can still contribute to the stronger growth of ICAN by working closely with the current elected leadership.  Together we all can transport this premier Association to her most exalted glory. Igwe bu ike!

To the President Elect, as I boldly stated during the campaign, I have no infinitesimal amount of doubt that you are equal to the mammoth task that awaits you and cabinet come January. Ndi ICAN has pledged their unflinching support to you, and by the virtue of your landslide victory last night, they have displayed a great deal of confidence towards you. You have been equiped with all you need to do the job, the mantle has been handed over to you, go and make us proud. Congratulations to you for a well deserved victory!

Ndu miri Ndu azu!!! It is already well with Ala Igbo!!!

Ndewo nu!!!


Ifeanyichukwu Uke is a USA based entrepreneur and contributes to Trendy Africa.


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