Ignite Africa Heralds Book Clubs Initiative

Statistics has shown a decline in the overall results of scholars in Nigeria, which has prompted Ignite Africa Leadership Foundation to embark on schemes to stem this tide. Hence, Ignite Africa Leadership Foundation developed the Readers ‘R’ Leaders Destiny Project with the goal to promote a reading culture amongst the younger generation.


It is one thing to read, and a whole different ball game to comprehend what you read. The Ignite Book-To-Child Connection is an integrated reading intervention program designed for young children, which fosters a love of reading in them, and works to sharpen their comprehension ability. The reality is that books are meaningless to young children whose reading skills are so underdeveloped that comprehending a substantial text structure is an insurmountable hurdle. Growing brains need high-quality stimulation, and the Ignite BTCC provide lots of fun opportunities for young children to read creatively and flex their mental muscles.


This program is expertly designed to enhance the enjoyment of reading, with the sole objective to improve the educational standard and enhance learning opportunities for students in the community.



As part of the Readers ‘R’ Leaders Destiny Project, Ignite Africa is currently establishing Book Clubs and Book-To-Child Connection Groups in various educational institutions to enhance the reading culture among children by directly engaging them to read, and review within a specific time frame. For more information send an email to: ignitereaders@gmail.com, or call 0813 860 7218, +1 903 309 1172

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