Industrious Funke Akinokun takes gospel Singing One step Further

GRAND PRAIRIE, TX – Her demeanor instantly leaves an impression. Her smile reveals inner peace within her soul. Her songs melodiously permeate through the ear drums into the heart. Her debut CD comprises a fusion of gospel praises that is likened to a blend of strawberry, banana and vanilla. In one word; smooth.

She was a guest artist at the RCCG Household of faith recently where she rendered some tracks from her brand new CD which would go live shortly. In a brief chat with the latest sensation in the world of gospel artists, Funke explains that it’s God who has a plan for everyone.

A Chat with Gospel Songstress; Funke Akinokun

How did you develop the CD concept


I have been singing since age 10 after which I have been in the choir for several years where I led praise worship sessions. Lots of people encouraged me to put a selection of songs together on a CD but I had not received from God at that time. Eventually the leading form God came on my 40th birthday in September of 2009 which led to the packaging of my first CD; “His Praise” which is produced to impact the lives of people.


Putting the production together


Most of the tracks were written me while others by various people. The first track; Ebubedike was written by my producer; Wole Oni. I wrote and composed one of the songs on the CD; “Great God”. The duet “the Rock” with Femi Micah was written by both of us. The first three songs in the praise medley were written by me also. The songs were inspired by God. For instance, the song “Great God” came to mind one morning when I woke up as I was getting ready for morning devotion. I just found myself singing the chorus.


Becoming a gospel artist


I had gotten used to facing large crowds singing in locations in and out of Nigeria at various events. Even though I had not worked on a CD previously, I knew it was not going to be a difficult thing to do but I was just waiting for the right time because I love to do things properly and unique. The transition was really easy for me.




Honestly, I really did not look up to any existing artists as I really like to be myself. There are however various artists that have done great jobs out there. I am Funke and would rather be myself. One person I would really love to be like is Jesus Christ.




I come from a family of eight; six children and my parents. We are however six of us in my nuclear family. I have four boys and my husband; Ayomide is 14, Tomide is 12, Olamide is 11, then the 2 year old baby. I am from a village in Ondo state called Ifon. My father is a retired school principal while my mother is a retired school teacher. They have always been encouraging. My mother used to do a lot of singing as well as her father; kind of runs in the family. My children have also taken to singing and playing instruments. My husband has been really encouraging too. I had been singing before I met him and he has helped me to achieve my dream.


Meeting my Husband


I met my husband just after my youth service in Port Harcourt. This was also just after his youth service too.


Any plans for a grand launch


We are not launching as I don’t like the word “launching” and that’s why on my birthday we had the CD presentation to the public and that all we intend to do. The CD is currently being played on Nigerian Radio stations while the video of the hit track; Ebubedike” is being run on TV stations. We intend to bring the CD into the commercial market by the first week in December. I am currently on tour of Churches in the United States to promote the CD.


Basic message


The title of the CD “His Praise” defines the basic message. It’s all about the praise of God in different forms and languages; Igbo, Yoruba, Ghanaian, Rivers; which is geared towards various cadres of people. The CD is comprised of different styles of music; Hip Hop, Highlife and African rhythm. We have tried to make the CD as diverse as possible.


Last Words  


For my audience, just keep up the praise of God. It is by his grace that we are actually living; it’s by his grace that we are what we are today. No matter what the situation, the storm you are going through, things could be worse but it’s by the grace of God that we face and ride through such storms and situations. Keep up keeping up the praise of God.


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