Irene Fakulujo at 40: The Element of Surprise Redefined

Maryland – The phone rings; “hello Adude! How far with the parents? Anyway hope you are all doing well…” That was supposed to be a long distant conversation between Irene Fakulujo the celebrant and her sister Adude who received the call on her roamed Nigerian GSM number.

Unknown to Irene, Adude was lodged in a Marriot Hotel about 3 minutes from the celebrants Virginia home. The roamed call gave the impression that the receiver was in Nigeria. Phone conversations between Irene and her brother in Dallas had become a routine.

So, when Irene put a call through to Kpakpo her brother a few hours to the surprise event, he was apparently changing aircrafts at the Chicago O’Hare International airport en route to participate in the element of surprise. Kpakpo played along; “oh, the twins are doing great and are expecting to see you soon…” 

The pleasant surprise birthday reception had been masterminded by Ayo Fakulujo; the celebrant’s husband, and other ministers of the RCCG Jesus House DC. Invitations had been sent out quietly which read; “Shhh!! It’s a secret!” and so it was.

The process had taken almost three months of careful planning. Coded emails had been sent amongst coordinators. Confirmations of attendance were received by the organizers via phone calls.

Irene the celebrant had no clue as she went about her daily routine. There was however a close call when a package of ordered gift pens with the inscription “Irene at 40” arrived at her residence. She impulsively inquired from her husband who responded; “oh! They still sent them? I had since cancelled the order!!”

Irene Fakulujo had earlier celebrated her birthday in January with a quiet family dinner so the surprise party was a belated event.

Guests had gathered at the multipurpose hall of RCCG Jesus house DC at the appointed time. Members of Irene’s ministry; Ruth, a group of Widows had gathered gaily dressed to participate in the surprise. The plan was simple and excitingly executed.

A group of guests had formed an advanced surprise party at the entrance to the hall. The shout of “happy Birthday surprise!” echoed in the hall as the lights were flicked on. Unknown to the celebrant, there was still more in stock.

Four surprise guests comprising of Adude; her sister from Nigeria, Anita; a friend from the UK, Dr. and Dr. Mrs. Fakulujo; in laws from Florida and Kpakpo; brother from Texas all appeared in a choreographed manner from different sections of the hall at specific intervals. That was the true element of surprise.

Imagine the rest of the day.

Documentation by Tosan For Trendy Africa USA

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