Is the much awaited Change here?

We’ve seen images of the General portraying a low profile leader. Some other images have depicted President Muhammadu Buhari as a man that still commands so much respect. From all indications, the psychological effect of a leader who stands tall for discipline will instantly permeate into the minds of the citizenry. The first 10 days of the Generals rule will reveal a lot about his direction.


According to Richard Dowden, Buhari is starting from ground zero. The country has all but come to a sudden halt. Schools, hospitals and the civil service have closed down. Shops have run out of goods. The street markets are empty. Most will not see the inauguration of the new President on TV. Much of Nigeria has been switched off. No thanks to the epileptic power sector.

Can he break the power and oil jinx (Mafia if I may say)?


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by Tosan Aduayi

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