KACHI DESIGNS debuts with Signature Creations

Houston, TX – A distinctive blend of theatrical cuts and sub continental fabrics brings to light the creative tendencies of KACHI Designs. Chigozie “Chichi” Anaele reveals that her greatest inspiration is derived from her Nigerian cultural background which she obviously promotes through her designs.


Chichi’s journey began when she bought her first sewing machine in 2009; which was used to pursue the craving she had for creativity. A few designs later, the orders began to role in as well as invitations to numerous events to display her designs. The Houston based design house has since transitioned to a level of attention through its custom made outfits.


 KACHI Designs show Happiness and versatility through the choice of vibrant colors.

She molds her creations from meticulously selected Nigerian inspired fabrics to create the chic fashions of KACHI Designs.


Since the birth of KACHI Designs, she has delivered signature style with West African textiles and patterns which has reinvented the custom traditional wear. The brand brings sophistication to any wardrobe. Definition, style and couture are the key ingredients drawn from her creations. As Chichi continues to build her brand, she is consistently working to create timeless pieces.


Look out for more of KACHI DESIGNS in Trendy Africa Magazine


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