Leon H. Sullivan Foundation Hails SA President Jacob Zuma

Washington DC – the Leon H. Sullivan Foundation has sent a congratulatory message to His Excellency Jacob ZUMA on the occasion of his inauguration as the President of the Federal Republic of South Africa.


President Zuma, like the Reverend Leon H. Sullivan, is noted for his ability to come back again and again after being counted out of the game. Not one to bend under pressure, the new President of South Africa has demonstrated that he has the resilience of a winner and the fortitude for the fight.


With the new leadership in South Africa expressing its interest in working with the leadership of the Sullivan Summit, we are very excited about what the future may bring. South Africa is a country where Leon Sullivan was engaged for many years in the struggle against apartheid; I look forward to being able to work with President Zuma to help him achieve the goals he has set forth for his nation. These are exciting times for South Africa and for the Sullivan Foundation,” expressed Hope Masters, President of the Leon H. Sullivan Foundation and daughter of the late Leon Sullivan, author of the famed Sullivan Principles.


During this global economic crisis, when the most powerful corporations of the world are looking for “sure bet” investments, there will be an even greater need for close and productive African and American linkages. The Leon H. Sullivan Foundation is committed to extend every effort to support President Zuma to help build an even stronger South Africa.

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