Life is Gamble

Back then in high school, certain individuals would always come out victorious on the chess board. I spent good time observing the trend but unfortunately did not develop an interest in the game. I just could not decipher the concept of two individuals racking their brains for hours over an imaginary medieval war.
The postulation from my consistent observation was that the winners or “check mate experts” were not necessarily the most brilliant guy’s in class, but the smartest. How? the winners were often the group of guy’s who never spent time in class and whose names were never called as the top five on exam results or routing tests.
Contrary to this, the other party would be the guy whose head would literally be smoking in class. The guy who would spend time in unknown zones. The guy whose name would always feature on the top 5 list. Then someday, some guy comes in from out of the blues and takes over the board.
look my friends (borrowed line), Life comes with all kinds of scenarios. There are those who are faced with certain opportunities, grab the chance and succeed over and over again. Then comes another group who always have greater chances, grab them and falter consistently even in the eye’s of positive mathematical projections.
This may sound absurd but it does seem that life is a gamble and if it is; you just have to keep at it even though it seems to falter recurrently. Some of this situations are checks and balances for the future. You grab an opportunity, you take it up and try. Sometimes the fall is so hard that it really leads to a chain of catastrophe’s but never give up.
Look at it this way, if millions of individuals had given up after trying, there would be no Las Vegas, Atlantic City or the great Atlantis. Last line: be smarter than intelligent. A combination of the two would even be better. So my friends, life is a gamble. You rather stay in and keep trying because one day will be yours or you pull up the hand brake and give up.
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