Madam Mabel at 50

Dallas 08 – Turning 50 is a great milestone to achieve. It may also mean much more to the celebrant as in the case of Madam Mabel Bako Omotosho. Her birthday celebration was more than just dancing and dining. It was a time to rejoice and give thanks and praises to the almighty.

According to the celebrant, the grace of God made it possible for her to see this day as she had been through series of “Hurricanes” in her life time. The celebration started out with a thanksgivng service which was characterised by praise and worship as well as exaltation.

Ministers present include Pastor Abiara and Pastor Okere. The reception followed just as more guests arrived. The venue went agog as the beats from the live band filled the air. Guests had enough to eat and drink and even more to take home.

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