Maye Hunta features Eldee, Kelly Hansome, in Naija Blood

Naija Blood is a project celebrating the movement of Nigerians, our roots and our success stories on a global scale. The Naija Blood theme is a movement of a peculiar people with the Midas touch.

As the movement unfolds listen to theme song “Naija Blood”. Originally written and composed by Maye Hunta, the instant classic has an extremely infectious hook effortlessly delivered by him. The Giggz produced song  features  Sinzu in vintage mode, Kelly Hansome spitting bars in Igbo, Morel representing the North, H-town next rated Bils holding it down in Yoruba for the Westside and of course the veteran eLDee the Don coming out of retirement for a minute to rap it up.

Naija Blood Artwork final (2)

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