Meet Miss Africa in America 2008-2009

South African born Nyasha Zimucha was recently crowned Miss Africa in America at an impressive pageant in Atlanta, USA. The Miss Africa USA Pageant is a cultural showcase of the African heritage in the United States of America.

The Pageant is a charity event, providing a platform for young African women in America to showcase talent, leadership, culture and a unique opportunity to speak up for Africa, raising awareness on pertinent issues concerning the continent and how Americans and friends of Africa can help make a difference in Africa. Proceeds from this event helps to fund identified projects dealing with needs in healthcare, education and the protection of women and children’s rights.

About the 2008 Queen: Living here in the United States and representing my country has been an honor. I have been able to introduce my fellow American citizens to my culture through education.


I believe in diversity, and one of the greatest traits about America is that it has become a melting pot filled with greater opportunity, and literally the world in one grand country. Be it in politics, entertainment, health, education or even pageantry, one is bound to work with someone from a foreign background, and I believe this helps us understand not only each other more, but also assists in us being global citizens.

Variety is essential in our world today, and it is the reason why the American dream exists, and can be achieved.


Growing up during the apartheid era in Southern Africa, I know first hand the importance of giving back, as I come from humble beginnings. Xenophobia – an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers, or of that which is foreign or strange, has been a grave concern of mine since the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa in Spring 2008. Along with my Miss South Africa USA title – I created a platform which focuses on educating the youth about xenophobia, and its affects in not only America, but in our world today.


Through my campaign, I have also designed t-shirts, which proceeds of the sales will be donated to xenophobia refugee camps in South Africa, working closely with the UNHCR South Africa (The UN Refugee Agency), and various celebrities in the entertainment industry.

I urge everyone to join me in my “Xen: NO Phobia” campaign, promoting peace, unity and a mentality the promotes giving back to those less fortunate, no matter the race, citizenship, gender, sexual orientation, or economic condition. Also visit for more information.


Apart from giving back, I also enjoy the performing arts. Today, still a dancer, singer, model, and avid public speaker, I am currently filming with WEtv as a celebrity judge on a new beauty pageant show “Little Miss Perfect”, set to air in late Fall 2008/Early 2009. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, and friends, traveling, and sports. One of my favorite past-times is American football, and I enjoy playing although it is a predominately male sport!


A quote that I created and live by: “Do not make excuses for those who mistreat you, life is short ‘n precious. The world is filled with many great people, make the world your playground. Set high standards, DON’T settle for what you do not want. Time does heal wounds, so does living your dream the way YOU want.”


Photos Curtesy of Lady Kate


Look out for more in Issue 3 of Trendy Africa Magazine coming soon!

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