Mindy Kalu at 50: from Kansas with love

Kansas – Storm chasing had become a reality or so it seemed. As I exited the home of my host, the sight of thick dark clouds could not be ignored but little was I to know that a two hour rain storm was brewing. This was my first visit to Kansas with an electrifying experience as portrayed by the lightening Stokes that characterised the drive to my hotel.

For Mrs. Mindy Kalu, celebrant of the day, it must have been a great relief to see the sun shining over the horizon hours before her 50th birthday celebration. The party was a manifestation that; “Kansas ROCKS”. The colorful and orderly event epitomized the result of detailed planning. Every item on the event was followed chronologically. Beautiful people, colorful attires and a combination of exciting energy made the event a great one.


Report and photo by Tosan Aduayi for Trendy Africa Media.

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