Miss Africa USA 2013 Charity exploits in Africa

Queen Kathy Onwu, crowned Miss Africa USA 2013-14 wants to make a difference in the lives of children. Promoting Education is one of her key Platforms. She was in Enugu recently, At St. Leo the Great Junior secondary School, escorted by teachers and the Principal, to each classroom to distribute individually packaged gift to the children. Each child received indomie noodles, pens, rulers, and other basic supplies needed to better their learning experience. She also visited Schools to talk to children about the importance of education and distributed School Supplies.

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Queen Kathy visiting a Nursery School where over 200 children received gifts of learning materials from the Queen. 


She said she feels very blessed to give back and describes the feeling as being very fulfilling indeed. The Reigning miss Africa USA Kathy Onwu has taken her campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness to Africa.


In Enugu, Queen Kathy held an educational workshop with over 400 High School Girls at Providence High School Enugu. Working closely with the staff of the School, the workshop set out to educate girls about breast health, teach girls how to do breast self-examination, how to detect abnormalities and seek treatment. These girls have been empowered to teach their mothers and Aunties well so the ripple effect is awesome. Queen Kathy said “400 young girls now know, the risk actors, treatment options, how to perform self-breast exams and much more”




Acknowledgement: Thanks to the Principle of Providence High School Enugu, Mrs. Onwuagha, the staff and students who all worked together with Queen Kathy for the Success of the workshop.


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