Nigeria grounded by viral fuel scarcity

An email sent to parents by the proprietress of a nursery (elementary) school in Lagos further buttressed the depth of the impact of the Nigerian Fuel scarcity. In her words; “All efforts to get fuel for the school bus have been unsuccessful.  To this effect, there will be no School bus service tomorrow Monday 25th May. I will send a further email to update you on the resumption of our service.” A country who claims to be the largest economy in Africa with over four refineries (non functional) has been virtually grounded.

Nigerian banks have shortened opening times with most branches closing at 12:00 GMT instead of 16:00 GMT as they struggle to get fuel for their generators. Both international and local flights have been cancelled and phone companies may restrict services. Some international flights are having to land in neighboring countries to refuel. Three of the country’s mobile phone companies, MTN, Airtel and Etisalat, have warned that the fuel scarcity could affect their services as they were finding it difficult to supply diesel to the base stations.

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Traffic on the roads is also reducing as many fuel stations have stopped selling petrol and there are long queues at places where they are selling petrol. Many domestic flights have been cancelled and Radio stations are also restricting their broadcasts and some have gone off air altogether. It appears the fuel importers and marketers who operate a multi-billion dollar scam are blackmailing the government into agreeing to one more massive payout as they are not sure how much longer the fuel subsidy racket will go on.

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They are literally shutting down the nation saying they are owed $1bn in arrears, but no-one gets to see how that figure is worked out. Many government officials, including employees of the state fuel company, are so intertwined in the fraud it is hard to know who is scamming who. One thing is clear. Nigerians across the country trying earn a living to feed their families are facing a new level of hardship. Meanwhile, the outgoing ruling party (PDP) and the incoming party (APC) are at logger heads over the situation.

Fuel Scarcity Blues

Why must we suffer through unnecessary stress? Money isn’t circulating, there’s no fuel…all of it is political, and everyone is suffering. Oh yeah, there’s no LIGHT! it is 2015 and we still don’t have consistent electricity! As developed as Nigeria is, you can’t blame people for thinking we live like freaking nomads! Everyone here is being forced to be their own local government. I am so sick and tired of the petty, lame, stupid nonsense that is making life in Nigeria so difficult. Yes, I have the option to pack home and go back to my comfortable, but Nigeria is my home, it’s where my career is, it’s where I have invested…..but the way things are going, I won’t lie, I am having seriously second thoughts and doing everything in my power not to give up. I am paying through my nose for very basic amenities. My trip to the US may come a little earlier than I expected. Nigeria is becoming more and more of a dream killer every day. We Nigerians can’t believe in Nigeria IF Nigeria doesn’t believe in US!….Brycee


Please before all telecommunications company shut down their masts because of fuel scarcity, only God knows when we will see or talk so I want to use dis medium to wish you all merry Christmas and happy new year in advance. To those who will get married, happy married life, and to those who will celebrate birthdays, happy birthday in advance….eku fuel scarcity o…Shola

I bought 5 liters black market fuel just to get home. It turned out that out of the 5L, 3L was water and 2L fuel. The damage to my engine cost me N30,000…Linda

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