Njoku of iROKOtv and author Adichie Feature on the BBC

Leading Nigerian Internet entrepreneur, Jason Njoku of iROKOtv and Spark, was interviewed by the BBC’s Evan Davis and Nkem Ifejika, as part of the BBC’s focus on Nigeria as one of the world’s leading emerging economies. The show was broadcast to millions of people around the world on the Today Programme and on the BBC’s NewsDay on the World Service.

Jason Njoku and Chimimanda Ngozi Adeche

Jason Njoku and Chimimanda Ngozi Adeche

Alongside literary star Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie, whose book Half of a Yellow Sun has been made into a film, Njoku discussed the exciting business opportunities in Nigeria and spoke of the success he has had, not only with Nollywood and iROKOtv, but also with the Spark start-up companies he has invested in, with his business partner Bastian Gotter. Njoku noted the challenges of doing business in Nigeria, but also asserted that Nigeria is a good place for entrepreneurs.

Jason Njoku on BBC Today Programme

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