Peoples Initiative in Diaspora (P.I.D) mobilizes support for President Goodluck Jonathan

ATLANTA – In what can best be described as a unified show of support for renewed and active change in governance, a group of youthful and motivated Nigerians have launched; “Peoples Initiative in Diaspora” in Atlanta, Georgia.

In a statement read by the National coordinator and founder of Peoples Initiative in Diaspora; Mrs. Jennifer Ehimika, “PID is founded based on a growing desire amongst Nigerians living abroad to address various needs and aspirations that have arising in society. The group comprises of dedicated men and women, bound by a common purpose at promoting a positive image for Nigeria globally”.

P.I.D’s objectives include; representing the views and perspectives of people and or other groups in Diaspora as well as establishing a strategic forum for interaction, collaboration between Government and the Diaspora amongst others.

The Atlanta launching which was held in alliance with His Excellency; the Governor of Benue State, RT. Hon. Gabriel T. Suswan witnessed an encouraging turnout of Nigerians who took time out of their busy schedule to attend.


Special guests at the launching; Mr. Moses Siloko Siasia, presidential assistant on youth mobilization and chairman board of trustees: voice of the electorate and Mr. Terna Kester Kyenge, representing the office of the Benue State Governor both addressed the audience on the expectations of the next dispensation while highlighting the positive values of the present administration.

By Tosan Aduayi; Trendy Africa Media, Atlanta.

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