Power Disrupts FIFA U 17 Football game in Kano

KANO – Electric Power once again reared its cursed head at the FIFA U 17 world cup series in Nigeria. The game between Spain and USA was disrupted twice as the floodlights shut down due to power failure. The scene reminded one of the official game stops and time outs during an NFL or NBA game.

Spain however earned the fastest red card in tournament history in their come-from-behind 2-1 win over USA while near neighbors Italy ground out a slim win over a stingy Algerian outfit.

The power disruption during a world standard tournament ironically has occurred during the tenure of a President that had promised a power emergency once elected. In a recent development, the local organizing committee received a whooping additional 3.6 Billion Euros from the Federal Government.

QQ (Quick Questions)

  Is it possible to dedicate a generator to each flood light with a fraction of the money?

      Where was President Yar’Adua during the opening ceremony?

      Did you notice all the empty seats at the opening ceremony?

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