Praises Reign at the 5-Day 50th Celebration of Toyin Afolabi

DALLAS – You need not marvel at the number of days scheduled for this golden jubilee celebration. Only after you’ve heard her testimony that you’ll wonder why it’s not even a month long activity packed session. For the celebrant; Anthonia Oluwatoyin Afolabi, her 50th birthday is all about giving praise to the almighty and doing what she knows best; giving back to the community.

DAY 1– All the testimonials had one thing in common as an attribute for Toyin Afolabi; which is her addictive ability to give and give more. Pastor Adetoro of RCCG bread of life parish where the inaugural thanksgiving service held, gave an exaltation on the values of using time wisely and pointed out that Toyin Afolabi from her antecedence is one to emulate on the know how of the “value of Time”.

Tuesday the 27th of July 2010 is the actual birthday of Toyin Afolabi and she has held it as a tradition to reverence on that date. Friends, clients and well wishers took time off their busy schedules to make the thanksgiving service a joyous occasion. Trendy Africa counts itself blessed to be part of this historic celebration as it becomes the longest most consistent golden jubilee celebration in its archives.

DAY 2– It’s the second phase of the celebrations and there is almost a plug in the wheel of activities. The plug was eliminated to pave way for a stream of guests in casual evening attires. The disco reception was a relaxing event as well as a great social mixer. The celebrant spotted three attires; two traditional and one English. She was joined at the Ventura ballroom by mostly youths whom she had mentored over the years. There was a combination of snacks, fruits and drinks to make the evening a refreshing one.

DAY 3– Not even the smouldering atmospheric temperatures of about 105 degrees fahrenheit prevented children and their parents from the fun that Toyin Afolabi had put together to mark the third day in the series of her birthday celebrations. The horse rides, the clowns, the bouncers, the grill, the ice cones and several other thrilling entrapment’s kept the picnic participants on the grounds of the RCCG bread of Life sprawling property. My endodermic layers acted like photochromic lenses and even got darker. Another successful event for a celebrant who is really loved by many.

DAY 4 – The evening was warm but the soothing effect of Toyin Afolabi’s kindness was a heat quencher as an inflow of an unprecedented crowd began to arrive the Harry Hines venue of the pinnacle in a series of celebrations. The celebrant was exceptionally radiant even after she narrated to me the harrowing experience of the week.

The special celebration was a carnival that was attended by the smartest and brightest in Dallas. The show of love and unity was one that has never been experienced in recent memory. The food was appealing and even overflowing; a feeling that radiated the presence of Christ.

DAY 5 – All is well that ends well. The testimonies, the compliments, the eulogy and the joy all accumulated to a befitting end of a five day 50th birthday celebration for Toyin Afolabi. The Flame of Fire Healing Center Ministries International offered an atmosphere of revelation and soul lifting experience. There was more dancing and praise just as the celebrant exhibited what she enjoys doing best; GIVING! and so she did even as she personally cut and shared the entire birthday cake to all that participated in the GRAND FINALE.


Photos and documentary by Tosan Aduayi and Chibuzor Okonta for Trendy Africa Media, USA.

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