Princess C&C Loveth Redefines Stardom at 2-Day Birthday Shindig

DALLAS – A full year of consistent planning, a full year of intermittent photo sessions by the masters, a full year of payback of outstanding public relations and what do you get; probably the most lavish and most attended two day event in Texas.

We all started out at the Christ Trumpeters Ministries were the Church service and thanksgiving held. The arrival of family and friends in four limousines caused a stir on the not so busy side road. Loveth and Tony were described as kind hearted individuals who also portrayed great family values.
The Red carpet formal disco reception at the upscale Double Tree Hotel in Dallas was a great treat to guests who hit the floor without protocol as DJ Paulo did his thing. Ayuba? Watch out for more great Photos and updates; ok?
Photos by Tosan Aduayi for Trendy Africa. Trendy Africa is a Multi Media Production Company based in Texas and are Publishers of Trendy Africa Magazine, Trendy Africa Fashion Xtra and
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