‘Raising Izzie’ is an Inspirational Tale of Triumph

Starring Rockmond Dunbar and Vanessa Williams, “Raising Izzie” is an engaging drama of two orphaned sisters who attempt to keep their solitude a secret.
Sweet and saccharine are two words which aptly describe this inspirational drama which severely tugs at the heart strings. Starring Rockmond Dunbar, Han Soto, Vanessa Williams and Catherine Dyer, it tells the story of 14-year old  Gertie (Victoria Elizabeth Staley) who is singlehandedly raising her little sister, Izzie (Kyla Kenedy).
Orphaned after their mother’s death, a year ago, the two girls are secretly living on their own, attempting to stay under the radar so they can remain together. Each morning, Gertie gets her little sister fed and makes her own journey to school where she academically excels despite the challenges.
Vanessa Williams and Victoria Elizabeth
Vanessa Williams and Victoria Elizabeth Staley. Photo courtesy of RLJ Entertainment
However, it isn’t long before Gertie’s new teacher, Tonya (Vanessa Williams) notices something is amiss after Gerti’s parents fail to repeatedly attend mandatory school events.
Ironically, Tonya and her husband Greg (Rockmond Dunbar) are struggling with their inability to have a child, so it isn’t long before they discover the deception and temporarily take the girls in. After an accident puts Tonya in a coma, Greg, who initially resists adopting the girls, is forced to re-evaluate his decision.
Raising Izzie
Victoria Elizabeth Staley and Kyla KenedyPhoto courtesy of RLJ Entertainment
“Raising Izzie” is directed by Roger M. Bobb, who deserves kudos for keeping the film going at a decent pace and sprinkling it with a lot of sappy moments. Despite the melodrama and predictability, the film does offer lots of twists and is a feel good flick which humbles its audience and engenders a sense of empathy.
A sappy, self-congratulatory tale of triumph over all odds, “Raising Izzie” is an uplifting and endearing drama with an engaging plot-line and plenty of memorable moments.
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