Short Film: ‘A Man Scorned’

Studio Four Films presents “A Man Scorned”. Shot in Locations outside Nigeria, A man scorned is a true life short film that tells a story of deception and betrayal whilst brushing the edges of true love, a young man had to pass through in his fight to sustain what happens to be his world. Written, Shot, Edited & Directed by Ukraine based Nigerian Cinematographer Victor Okoye (victor o’frank), this short film promises to keep you at the edge of your seat till the very end.

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T-Opinion: Great cinematography, intriguing layout, true-to-life script. Main characters could be more professional; a little more character impression would put this piece at top score. This shows the advantage of attending film school unlike most of wanna be’s who feel they are film makers but lack total knowledge and end up embarrassing themselves and their audience. Victor, good job!


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