Experts On Sub Saharan Human Trafficking Meet In Maryland, USA

NATIONAL HARBOR MD – In a bid to implement the target objectives in response to the Ouagadougou 2002 and Rabat 2006 meets, sub Saharan African experts on Human trafficking and responsible travel and tourism are hosting a world summit at the magnificent Gaylord Resort and convention centre at the National Harbor in Maryland.

The summit which was organized by the African Tourism Organization – ATO, an advocacy group based in Washington DC and the secretariat in Gambia, was largely supported by the Prince Georges County in Maryland, USA. 

In a coincidental and related development, the White house in Washington DC recently released a presidential determination with respect to foreign Governments efforts regarding trafficking in persons consistent with section 110 of the trafficking victims protection Act 2000.

Some of the key objectives of the summit include to establish partnerships to address existing environmental issues to combat human trafficking including sex tourism through the use of 21st century visual technology, increase understanding and responsiveness by African Governments and initiate training forums to implement programs consistent with signed affirmation adopted by participating Heads of States through the round table summit.

County Executive of Prince George’s county in Maryland Jack Johnson who arrived on schedule expressed his optimism at the achievement of the objectives of the summit. He added that his County was committed to curbing or eliminating the menace of human trafficking and enjoined other local agencies to be part of the efforts. Prince George’s County has the most diverse number of residents who speak about 100 different languages.

The moderator, Ndioro Ndiaye, President; Alliance for Migration, Leadership and Development, Geneva, chair; counter trafficking France and deputy DG; Africa International Organization for Migration called for a better collaboration and understanding amongst other counter trafficking agencies in destination countries. 

The Unit head of the UK human trafficking center, Nick Kensella during his presentation called for the input of North African Countries to the Summit as they serve as routes for most trafficking to Europe. He added that the UK was willing to incorporate a modular style of training for anti trafficking personnel from source and passage nations.

Laar Loof of the Children’s unit, Council of the Baltic States also stated that his group will continue to identify, support and implement cooperation on children at risk between countries and organizations in the Baltic region especially adopting the ethics of responsible travel and tourism. 

In his own remarks, HE Lansana Kouyate, ATO Honorary Chair, UN Ambassador, ECOWAS SEC GEN; Former Prime Minister of Guinea encouraged participating officials to establish an agreeable working understanding thus leading to a dynamic flow of information amongst member countries. H.E Kouyate who arrived from Asia to be at the Summit recalled a lesson he learn’t on a visit to his Child’s school. Written on the board was a definition of Responsibility: “the ability to Respond”. 

H.E Kouyate enjoined all participants of the summit to respond to the call of responsible Tourism while propagating the ill’s of human trafficking. Kouyate enjoined victim countries not to recall the shame of trafficking but instead “Combat it”. 

The Director General of ATO Ibiduni (DUNI) Jones in her closing remarks expressed her optimism over the actualization of the objectives of the Summit and commended all the speakers who contributed immensely through the wealth of information shared at the event. She also acknowledged the assistance rendered to the organization through the years by H.E Kouyate whom she met for the first time in person at the summit.

Officials Present at the Summit;

  • Hon. Jack B. Johnson, Executive, Prince Georges County, MD, USA
  • H.E Lansana Kouyate, Ecowas Sec Gen, Former Prime Minister of Guinea
  • Simon Egede, Executive Secretary, NAPTIP, Nigeria
  • Mia Nyegaard, Hope-Now, Denmark
  • Eric Chinje, Manager, World Bank, Washington DC, USA
  • Laar Loof, Head, Children’s Unit, Council of the Baltic Sea States
  • Nick Kinsella, Unit Head, United Kingdom Human Trafficking Center, Shefield, England
  • Prof. Sulayman Nyang, African studies, Howard University, USA
  • Prof.Ndiaye Ndioro, Chair, Alliance for Migration Leadership and Development, Geneva
  • Mmabatho Ramagoshi, VP, ATO Advocacy Group, the Gambia
  • Ibiduni (DUNI) Jones, Director General, ATO, USA-the Gambia
  • Rev.Bandy Kennedy, Walker Mill Community Development Cooperation
  • Hon. Anna Kachikho, Minister of Tourism, Malawi
  • Hon. Henry Shawulu, Member Federal House of Reps, Nigeria
  • John Afele , Volunteer, COO, The United States –West Africa Group
  • Moriyina Cole, MBA ,Health and The Environment, Albany, New York ,USA
  • Anne Radd, Volunteers for Abuse and Neglected Children (Court Appointed Advocate),DC
  • Cecil Byrd, International Graduate University ,Washington D.C
  • James N. Garnett, Jr –  JGR Associates International, Inc. USA
    Photos and report by Tosan Aduayi for Trendy Africa. Trendy Africa is a Multi Media Production Company based in Texas and are Publishers of Trendy Africa Magazine, Trendy Africa Fashion Xtra and


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