Surprise 60th Birthday for Chief Mrs. Lois Obiyo

ARLINGTON, TX – The event venue had filled up pretty quickly and guests played their part well by maintaining the status quo as they patiently waited the arrival of the celebrant; Chief Lois Obiyo. The grand plan which was hatched and executed by her children played out well as the celebrant arrived to a chorused shout of; “Surprise!!!’

Chief Mrs. Obiyo had been told that she was attending a friends birthday. The element of surprise kept the celebrant in an excited mood as she walked round the hall greeting guests who had taken time to be part of this very Merry 60th birthday celebration.

The celebrants children; Amara, Oby, Chuki, Ozii and Ure all ensured that guests were adequately entertained all through the night. Ozii and Chuki took to the stage to honor their mum with a very coordinated poetic rendition of the attributes and love the celebrant had shown to her family through the years.


Documentary by Tosan Aduayi and Chibuzor Okonta for Trendy Africa Media. Trendy Africa congratulates Chief Obiyo; mother of Ozii (CEO of MEDIASIFY and marketing consultant to Trendy Africa).

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