The 10th Wonder of the World

ARLINGTON – Recent events have taught me that there is no limit to man’s endurance. Just when the world is grappling from an unprecedented economic meltdown, the display of fireworks, parachute’s and trade marked cheerleaders heralded the ceremonial opening of the record breaking Cowboys Stadium in Arlington Texas.

It has taken a visionary such as Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to pull this feat as he commented; “a building like this is more than anything me or my family could have ever imagined”.

FACT SHEET: Cost -$1.15 billion, Seats close to 90,000 people, the end zone glass doors are the largest in the world-120ft tall and 38ft wide, the plaza can accomodate 40,000 people, 1,500 people will manage the complex, houses the largest electronic tv display in the world, the roof opens by twin sliding retractable panels which have been electronically simulated making the mechanism fail proof, the field is 98,210 sqaure feet, houses private luxury suites for game day, multi purpose and multi functional facility.

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