“The Art of Color” by Vlisco

Vlisco presents Jeu de Couleurs (the art of color) for 2013 which is centred around one of its core strengths – its range of 200 beautiful colours, many of which are unique to Vlisco. These colours can be combined to create thousands more variations through Vlisco’s proprietary layering techniques.

F08-scarve orange

Vlisco_2013-Q1_Jeu de Couleurs_Fashion Look_17I_0949

Colour is therefore at the heart of the new collection – and the idea of playing with layers of colour is particularly important this season. The Jeu de Couleurs collection was inspired by richly layered art and photography. Photographers Freudenthal/Verhagen created a lavishly layered effect by combining various prints and colours in each image, showing off Vlisco’s fabrics on the human body but also as bold backdrops.

Vlisco_2013-Q1_Jeu de Couleurs_Fashion Look_01_0078


Vlisco_2013-Q1_Jeu de Couleurs_Fashion Look_07_0284

The collection features a number of exciting innovations. In 2013, Vlisco will offer a Limited Editions fabric with every collection. The first such fabric is called ’Design with a Sparkle’. It features a layer of sparkly embellishment, which is actually printed onto the Wax block fabric itself. The new Vlisco collection shows the beauty of Africa in signature colors.

Vlisco_2013-Q1_Jeu de Couleurs_Fashion Look_02_0011

Vlisco_2013-Q1_Jeu de Couleurs_Fashion Look_09_0430

For the first time in several years, Vlisco has created a number of new Java designs. Particularly exciting this season is the colour choice available. In fact, one design now even comes in 12 colour variations, each with a totally different look thanks to the clever use of colour blocking.

Vlisco_2013-Q1_Jeu de Couleurs_03




The handbags in this collection come in a range of coordinated colours and materials, which offer a different take on the theme.  The scarves and bags will be available from select Vlisco boutiques and the Vlisco website from 4 February 2013.


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