The degrading art of pornography

LAGOS – THERE is a cankerworm festering and being fostered in the soul of the human race. There is a disease, a silent and unseen but all the same effective malaise creeping stealthily over the mental and nervous system of man. And it is moving rapidly and unobtrusively over the waves, over the grid of the world wide web and the latest digital technologies be it phones, cameras and computers, this cancer is moving and acting viciously and seriously.

Pornography has always existed in the cultures of the world. So we are told by the producers, sponsors and exponents of this degraded art. What they do not tell us is the fate of the persons and community in which this industry had unfettered access. Historically, the Roman Empire at its peak and not so long thereafter was a moral, cultural and spiritual wreck. It had descended into a morally beastly culture where all the values that had been sustained for years and facilitated her rise to power were overthrown by a new code of hedonism, a new taste for the bizarre and abominable. The results which we are all fortunate to witness as history is the wreckage and virtual erasure of the Empire’s posterity from the map of the Earth.

The little of Rome that survived into Western Culture, the philosophies of men like Socrates, Plato and the ingenious engineering and technological constructions as in Theatres, Museums and Libraries that we know today were not and never the achievements of the Empire in its decadent state when pornography and nudism had enfeebled and weakened her populace. Those things aforementioned as well as the forms of Governments like Democracy that has been passed on to us today were all developed by diligent, hardworking and committed Roman Citizens as well as slaves of nations conquered in International War.

Those who built the Colossus and the great amazements of the Roman Empire are closer to the first-generation pioneer ranks of the United States of America. No nation with a mentally and nervously disadvantaged youth can produce anything close to greatness much less a posterity that gets passed on to other races and peoples. Thus, the argument that pornography, as it exists and is worsening in its manner of existence today, is a harmless engagement and pastime is debunked and holds no water.

Pornography has gone beyond the limits of soft pornography as it claimed to be some two decades ago in either print or electronic media. In fact, when the Internet was coming into being sometime in the mid-90s, about 1995 precisely, the depiction of intercourse on the Internet, the first pictures that were uploaded were of animals as in horses, dogs, and such like.

No one, especially the pornography producers and sponsors, hinted that one day innocent girls just clocking five or six years of age will be brutally raped by some perverse and confused mind seeking original shots for some pornography producer who will gladly and heartlessly pay dollars, pounds or so for it. Nobody brought it to the consideration of the public that the hunted and utilised of the industry will be switching from prostitutes, hookers and other women of easy virtue to campus students, university girls and even, as it is today, high school students with no mental capacity for the diabolical rapacity of an economy fueled by abuse and violation of high ideals, morals and dignity of humans.

The fact remains and is clear that no nation can for long rest on morally unsound and shaky foundations. The wealth of a nation, and this is a surprise to those who think otherwise, is not and can never be her resources whether material or human. A nation is as rich as she is moral or virtuous. This is the lesson of history, a repeated and trite one. That when nations had risen from rags to riches, from a complete and wholehearted devotion to God or some higher ideal, and had come to rely on some vain and humanistic tradition backed by dark forces, the lesson of history has been the eventual dislocation and crash of that nation or civilisation. This aptly explains the nature of so many mysterious locations on Earth today.

For instance, there are nations, nations that existed once upon some time, sunken beneath the grounds of many nations existing factually today. There are the relics of advanced civilisations at the bottom of the sea; whole villages, communities and city-states buried by some sudden and violent cataclysmic force be it volcanoes, floods or some more inexplicably mysterious interest. It has been a fact that those nations so destroyed had, at a time close to their sudden extinction, being dedicated to and consumed by an insatiable burning of the lower passions and consequent drowning in every imaginable and unimaginable sexual vice and horror.

The Bacchanalia, supposedly held in honour of Bacchus, are a case in point. Orgies always occurred in those nations that sooner than later met their doom. Thus, it is no new thing what is going on in America today of strange sexes and genders emerging out of the closets and seeking our approval and vetting of their curious and condemnable alliances and practices. This is no new thing. It is, however, very important to sound to all a note of warning of the sword of Damocles hanging over the United States today as the key producer and sponsor of these abominations. As well as over the heads of those who are engaging in this trade which is no less than the International Drug Trade and Child Trafficking. These things are crimes against humanity and can only be curbed and destroyed by a concerted global and dedicated effort.

There is no escaping the consequences of having these vices increase and have the free expression in our community ranging from homes, markets, offices to our religious structures and monuments. There is no running away from the doom that is certain to befall all. It is therefore expedient, for the safeguarding of our collective future to begin to retrace our roots to the conventional definition of male, female and family as well as to include a public reverence for the divine.

Taking prayer out of public schools, moving the 10 commandments from the Supreme Court Premises, eliminating staunch defenders and outspoken teachers of what is now known as the conservative truth will do no help in the long run. The First World as well as the communities where pornography and its dastardly attendants have found a home are reaping a terrible harvest of broken homes, of emotionally and psychologically confused children, drug-addicted teenagers and an ideologically displaced political elite. The fruit of evil will always come forth and seen to be very much unlike the seed which appeared all white and pure for a deception.

We know for certain that the motivation to destroy the family as God made it, to mate man and beast and hence dilute the genetic purity of the race, this tendency and others to annihilate the race by means other than World Wars and global epidemics or diseases, we know these orchestrations emerge and are sponsored by an invisible host of evil and dark matter. A horde of monsters, goblins and demons is swooping on the earth, reaching violently from the lower realms to tenant in human bodies, provoke widespread chaos first mentally and spiritually then observably in the unhappy state of marriages, homes, families and international politics and trade. These forces are in alliance with certain governments. But the end and be all of the matter, if we are to infer from history, is the dissolution and complete wipe-out of these governments and forces altogether.

The warning is therefore sounded to all and sundry to put away the degrading and corrosive mental viruses of pornography. These things when utilised eat away at the brain. By this one means they create new neural networks and thought patterns that are obsessive and damaging to the physical health of the brain and peaceful correctness of the host’s mind. Especially, the Religious Authorities should cease their unholy and damning silence on this issue and quote the Scriptural positions and prophecies to the laity now. Whether Christian or Muslim, all know deep within that pornography is degrading and destroying the soul of the race and will eventually cause its extinction.

By Doghudje Doghudje who lives in Lagos.

Source – guardiannews

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