The Exclusive and Detailed 60th of Dr. Frederick Olumuyiwa Ogunji

It’s easy to tell the specie of tree that produces sweet palm wine. So it was at the birthday celebration of Dr. Ogunji at the prestigious DFW Marriot in Texas. It was easy to tell the stock the family was made of. Timing was a key element.  Guests were tabled and seated accordingly. A floor plan was put in place to guide guests to their respective appointed tables.


Based on the numerous testimonials and citations during the course of the event, Dr.Ogunji in my words could be described as an international crossover academic genius who has delved into disciplines such as nuclear Physics and researched into deep issues like acquired immune deficiency syndrome AIDS.


Family and friends had gathered for an exclusive early evening event that was characterized by praise and thanksgiving. The three course meal was served while a slideshow presentation highlighted the early and promising years of the celebrant who to some may be referred to as an Icon. Others eulogized his generosity and affinity to help mankind.


His Children; Dr. Jason Robinson, Dr.(Mrs.) Ore Ogunji-Robinson, Seyi and Tayo Ogunji looked radiant as they took time to recite passages from the Holy Bible. His darling Wife Ajayi Ogunji was on hand to ensure that guests were well entertained. Old time and childhood friend Dr. Sola Adeyeye arrived from Nigeria to participate in the classy and joyful celebration.



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