The Oke family Celebrate Graduation and Birthday in Dallas

GRAND PRAIRIE – Multiple celebrants from one family was surely a sight to behold especially when it became increasingly difficult to differentiate Mum and children. The Celebrants; Elizabeth Oluwatosin, Mary Damilola, Michael Olamide and Sarah Ayomide all looked lovely especially in different attires.

The celebrants mum; Stella Olufunke is herself a diva by any standards so here I am wondering how she has handled the great challenge of being the sole watch dog in the house for several years. Imaging her watching over herself and the three other diva’s! well, she obviously perfected the act. Hers is a story of self determination and a great testimony of God’s Divine favor over her life.

The eldest of the quartet; Elizabeth was born in Nigeria while the other’s; Mary, Michael and Sarah were born in the United States. I can bet that more than 60% of the guests at the double celebration; graduation and birthday would be wondering whose birthday…hear this! The amazing thing about this children is that they were all born in the month of July! Miracle or good timing? you be the judge.

ACADEMIC PROFILES: Elizabeth recently graduated with a BS.c in nursing and to further ensure her future dependence, she is currently training for her masters in nursing administration. Mary; the second diva also graduated last year and is attending Texas Women University to major in Physical therapy. She made the dean’s list last semester with a 4.0 GPA which entitled her to a full scholarship! one more reason for her Mum’s stunning looks.

The gentleman in the house; Michael graduated this year and he is currently enlisted with full scholarship to attend the University of North Texas to become a Medical Doctor. The baby of the house; Sarah is still in high school as a sophomore and she intends to achieve her dream by becoming a veterinary doctor. That tells me that she loves pets; am I right?

The quartet’s appreciation for their mum cannot be over emphasized as I observed from their individual reactions and compliments. The greatest thing they cherish is the strength she has shown them especially in raising them as a single parent. The motherly love as well as directing them in the right path to attain professional dependence is also a great value that will always be remembered.


photo documentary by Tosan Aduayi

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